Netanyahu to meet Putin amid new round of Syria strikes


German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said it was crucial Iran sticks to its obligations under the global 2015 deal despite Trump promising to impose new sanctions on Tehran.

However, despite its withdrawal from the nuclear deal, the US says it will not stop funding intense International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections in Iran, a USA official said Thursday.

Iran is ready to "fulfill all its obligations" under the nuclear deal, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said after meeting with his counterpart in Tehran, according to comments carried by state media.

The people of Iran must not have any concerns for the country's future, said the President adding: "From weeks and months ago, we had come to the conclusion that Trump will not be loyal to worldwide commitments, including the JCPOA, an we have taken economic decisions on this basis".

Putin could be sorely tempted to take advantage of the break with Washington on Iran to posture Moscow as a very powerful protector not of Iran alone but also with Arab countries who are adamantly opposed to Trump's passionate embrace of a peace plan involving Israel that favors a single-state solution between Israelis and the Arabs. "Besides, we will seek to ensure that there is no extraterritorial influence on Iran's partners", he added.

The U.S. government plans to give a 3-6 month window for companies that are now doing business with Iran to pull out of their deals.

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The tensions between Israel and Iran escalated after Israel released documents revealing Iran's nuke program earlier this month, and U.S. President Donald Trump's highly controversial withdrawal from the historic Iran nuclear treaty.

But Brigadier General Hossein Salami said Europe "cannot act independently over the nuclear deal", the semi-official Fars news agency quoted him as saying.

Syrian state-run media said Israel struck a military outpost near the capital, Damascus, on Tuesday.

Second, given the intense enmity between Israel and Iran, the Israeli government might well decide to preemptively attack Iran's nuclear facilities before Tehran reaches the breakout point.

"From this moment, the JCPOA is between Iran and five countries". Trump's decision to pull out of the Iran deal has left his country diplomatically isolated. "Together, we emphasize our continuing commitment to the JCPOA".