Mets bat out of order in first against Reds


This season, the Reds' rotation has a combined ERA of 5.58, which is the worst in the National League and the second highest in all of baseball (White Sox - 5.81).

The Mets gave everyone the lineup they wanted to use - the lineup with Flores second and Cabrera third - except the umpires, who are the only guys who matter.

With two outs, Asdrubal Cabrera cracked a double.

Immediately, interim Reds manager Jim Riggleman jumped out of the dugout and went to the home plate umpire.

Well, as it turns out, the Mets were caught batting out of order, apparently because they turned in the wrong lineup card. Bruce officially was ruled out as 2-unassisted, and Cabrera was not credited with a double in the scorebook. The official scorecard, however, flipped the names.

"It's frustrating", Mickey Callaway said.

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"What happens is, you find the proper batter". It doesn't benefit the Reds to say anything.

The Mets batted out of order Wednesday, a freakish occurrence better suited for a beer softball league than the major leagues.

Shockingly, given the success of hitters like Wilmer Flores, Cabrera, Jose Reyes and Frazier against LHP in previous seasons, the team's biggest weakness this season as an offense is their poor production versus left-handed pitching. So now, the proper batter is Bruce.

Confusing things even more - stick with me here - is the fact that bona fide No. 4 hitter Jay Bruce did not lead off the second inning.

"In the minor leagues".

At 29-years-old, Harvey no longer possesses the same upside as those younger pitchers, so the Reds may not be as inclined to allow him to start on every fifth day.