Mega Man 2 and X are getting reprints from iam8bit


Both games, Mega Man 2 for NES and Mega Man X for SNES, will have a limited run of these special edition cartridges.

Capcom is once again teaming up with iam8bit in order to create a set of limited edition products that focus on the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Mega Man.

Previous year we had seen Street Fighter II from iam8bit also and now they will be releasing a legacy cartridge collection. and now we have Mega Man coming back. More than simply a gimmick, these carts will work on original hardware and will come with recreated box art, instruction manuals and some "retro" surprises.

While the X cart is definitely nice, I'm very partial to the light blue Mega Man 2 cart. They will be setting you back $100 however.

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There will also be a Mega Man X cartridge made available as well. Like Mega Man 2, it'll be limited to 8,500 units and available in either opaque white or glow-in-the-dark blue colors (it's picked at random for your order), along with the same "retro pack-in surprises", a lovely tri-fold box and a premium instruction booklet, this time featuring a foreword from Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil.

There will be 8,500 total pieces and you do not get a choice of color. Units are expected to ship late September 2018.

You can get a closer look at the cartridges in the trailer above and the pics.