Man Has Eaten 30000 Big Macs, Breaks World Record


Loyal McDonald's patron Don Gorske of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, continued his 46-year streak of eating multiple Big Mac burgers almost every day, with Friday's Big Mac getting him up to No. 30,000.

Don Gorske was honoured by the restaurant chain after he scoffed down the milestone burger in the Fox Valley, Wisconsin branch of Maccies this Friday.

Gorske told WLUK that he doesn't get sick of eating Big Macs every day. That's a hell of a lot of burgers to eat.

Indeed, Gorske reports that there have only been eight days during which he didn't eat a Big Mac that entire time: once because an intense snowstorm stopped him from reaching McDonald's, and once on the day in 1988 when his mother died. But Gorske says he's taking it all in stride and stayed true to his diet, poo-pooing health nuts.

We could have gathered that much. Yep, 30,000th Big Mac!

He recalls that he had just received his driver license when he entered the McDonald's 45 years ago.

'This one is a biggie for me, something I have been looking forward to, ' Don says.

Well I think we should direct that question to Don Gorske.

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"People like to see proof", he said.

Gorske even has the paperwork to prove it - he says he has kept most of the boxes or receipts and notes his Mac-eating patterns on a calendar. The man lost around 7,000 containers in 1990 when a tornado hit his house.

Don Gorske has a headful of Big Mac trivia and details about his 46-year habit thanks to his OCD and a great memory.

Asked about the haters and doubters, Gorske was serene: "People make fun of me, but it never bothered me".

He said his cholesterol and blood pressure are normal and he weighs five pounds less than he did in 2011 when he ate his 25,000 Big Mac.

Fair play then, if it keeps him happy.

He hasn't looked back since then.

Donald typically eats fourteen Big Macs each week, purchasing them in bulk and microwaving them at home.