Here's what Uber wants its flying taxis to look like


Although Uber has no plans to build vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) themselves, the company is striking partnerships with aviation manufacturers, battery companies and others who could make it possible to summon a flying taxi via the Uber app.

As highlighted in a segment on CBS This Morning, Uber's prototype looks a lot like the concept sketches the company shared publicly a year ago.

Wired said the vehicles will cruise at speeds between 150 and 200 miles per hour at up to 2,000 feet. Uber has partnered with NASA to develop technology to control air traffic and prevent crashes, we're told.

Uber already took over the roads, so now, it's taking to the skies. "The high placement of the wings provide shaded entry into the cabin, shielding riders from light rain as they board".

The company plans to roll out UberAIR in Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles in 2023, with testing in those cities beginning in 2020. The aircraft will transport four passengers at a time. The vehicles will feature one door on one side of the aircraft to make ground operations easier, according to Wired. At first, the flying cars will be piloted, but the company aims for the aircraft to fly without a pilot.

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Catch a glimpse of what the future will look like, if Uber gets its way, below.

The eVTOL concept presented at Uber Elevate 2018 represents an aircraft with a mission to serve passengers in an urban environment, based on the key design drivers of safety, passenger experience, affordability and a very low footprint for the community, in terms of noise and emissions.

Embraer X's first eVTOL concept unveiled today is the outcome of extensive interaction with potential urban air travelers about their desired experience, combined with the expertise of Embraer's teams and the collaboration with various companies and institutions.

In late 2017, Uber Elevate released a teaser video for UberAir that featured this claim: "The reality of urban air transportation is closer than you think".

Updated on May 8: Added information about work with Army Research Labs.