Harvey Weinstein Arrested on Charges of Rape in NY


Flinching when he heard himself described as a man who used power to prey on women, Harvey Weinstein was charged Friday with rape and another sex felony in the first prosecution to result from the wave of allegations against him that sparked a national reckoning over sexual misconduct.

The NYPD did not specify the degrees of these charges, though CNN reported previously Weinstein was expected to be charged with first-and third-degree rape.

Now, actress Rose McGowan, who has accused Weinstein of raping her 20 years ago, is gratified but "still in shock" at the news that he is expected to surrender on Friday and finally face charges of sexual assault, in one of the scores of cases in which he's accused.

Harvey Weinstein was taken into custody on Friday morning in NY, where he plead not guilty to rape and other sex crime charges filed by the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

More than 70 women have accused the co-founder of the Miramax film studio and Weinstein Co of sexual misconduct, including rape, with some allegations dating back decades.

He left in handcuffs to go to court about an hour later, appearing to be smiling.

Dozens of women have come forward publicly to accuse Weinstein of misconduct after reports in 2017 about his treatment of women, including actresses with whom he worked.

Weinstein's attorney, Benjamin Brafman, told reporters outside the courthouse that Weinstein plans to plead not guilty to all the charges.

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Weinstein has repeatedly denied accusations of non-consensual sex.

The New York police said in its statement: "The NYPD thanks these fearless survivors for their courage to come forward and seek justice".

Judge Kevin McGrath released Weinstein on $1m bail, with constant electronic monitoring and a ban on traveling beyond NY and the neighbouring state of CT.

Harvey Weinstein was arrested Friday morning after turning himself over to law enforcement, the NYPD confirmed. If he wants to travel beyond NY or CT, he has to get approval from the judge. Lucia Evans, a onetime aspiring actress who has said Weinstein sexually assaulted her in 2004 at his Manhattan office, told the New Yorker on Thursday that she was pressing charges against Weinstein, saying: "At a certain point, you have to think about the greater good of humanity, of womankind". "He had the nerve to walk in the Women's March down the street at Sundance where he raped me". He sought treatment for sex addiction at a facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, the New York Times reported.

The film mogul's sexual misconduct has always been rumored in the industry.

"I actually did not believe this day would come", she said on NBC's "Megyn Kelly Today" program.

London's Metropolitan Police have said they are investigating an allegation of sexual assault against Weinstein, while prosecutors in Los Angeles said in February they were reviewing three accusations of sexual assault against him.