Golden State Killer Book Being Done as HBO Docuseries


Police later said that McNamara's work did not contribute to the investigation that ultimately lead to DeAngelo's arrest.

He was identified with the help of DNA evidence as the notorious serial killer and was charged with a number of crimes. Add "Golden State Killer" Case as an interest to stay up to date on the latest "Golden State Killer" Case news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

A third couple were attacked in their home on Queen Ann Way on October 1, 1979, but were able to escape.

He was sacked from the latter agency for shoplifting a can of dog repellant and a hammer from a store in Citrus Heights, and there has been speculation the items may have been meant to be used in his alleged crimes.

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McNamara coined the "Golden State Killer" moniker, explaining in a September 2014 post on her true crime website that although some felt the name glamorized the killer, she felt that its "jarring juxtaposition" was apt, and in any case, more descriptive of the way he terrorized a wide swath of the state.

Deputy Sacramento County District Attorney Thienvu Ho declined to answer questions about why prosecutors needed the DNA, fingerprints and photographs of DeAngelo's entire body. He made his first court appearance on Friday. She died suddenly while investigating the unsolved crimes.

"I am reviewing recent documents, as they arrive, and I hope to be able to have all the info I need to make a decision within a week", she said.

Authorities have released two photos and a sketch of 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo, the man believed to be the murderous "Original Night Stalker" or "Golden State Killer", from the 70's hoping to piece together a timeline of DeAngelo's time in Santa Barbara County.