Eastern Mediterranean faces security threat from Cyprus operations, Erdogan says


In an interview with BBC Arabic on Sunday, Erdogan said that Israel is "sowing fear and pushing" the Middle Eastern "region to war".

The United States is due to officially move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday in a move that has delighted Israel but infuriated Palestinians.

Monday, may 14, in the region are continuing mass protests of the Palestinians. Turkey and Cyprus's internationally recognised Greek Cypriot government have been locked in a public dispute over overlapping claims of jurisdiction for offshore oil and gas research.

"What Israel is doing is a genocide, and it is not doing this genocide for the first time today".

Abbas lashed out at the USA after the deadly incidents, has called for a three days of mourning and stated: "This is not an embassy, it's a United States settlement outpost, before that, we had an Israeli settlement outpost with the American support but now we have an American settlement outpost in East Jerusalem".

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"We will not allow today to be the day Muslim world loses Jerusalem", he said. "As it was before, Jerusalem will continue to be independent Palestine's capital", he said.

Violent clashes erupted along Gaza's border as the U.S. opened its Israel embassy in Jerusalem in a ceremony attended by a White House delegation and Israeli officials.

Erdoğan said Turkey will observe three days of mourning beginning on May 15 to show solidarity with Palestine and a "big rally" will be held on Friday in Istanbul and another on May 20 in Diyarbakır over the violence in Gaza.

"The embassy relocation coincides with the 70th anniversary of Israel's establishment in 1948-an event Palestinians refer to as the Nakba" or the "Catastrophe".