Doctor Says Donald Trump Dictated His Own Health Letter in 2015


President Trump's former doctor says he felt "raped" "frightened" and "sad" after the president reportedly sent men to his office to take the president's medical records.

"As is standard operating procedure for a new president, the White House medical unit took possession of the president's medical records", White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during the daily press briefing Tuesday.

Dr Bornstein told NBC News the characterisation of "healthiest" was "black humour".

This, of course, raises the question: if they're Trump's files and he directed the men to get them for him, is it illegal? A spokeswoman for the Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

The four-paragraph letter raised eyebrows at the time of its release because its language mirrored the type of hyperbole Trump is known for. "If elected, Mr Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency", the letter read. "Forget it, you're out".

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Early past year, the same person said, Trump saw or heard his former doctor talking about his medical history and asked that his medical records be retrieved from Bornstein's office. Doctors just don't speak like that when discussing a patient, not in public at least.

Wonder what they don't want folks to see about this ideal specimen?!

"Let's take ourselves back in history-when we were first introduced to this guy we thought he was a wackadoo", she said.

That last sentence could be applied to the entire Trump political persona, which was built, as these latest revelations confirm, on a gilded scrap heap of embellishments, deceptions, embroideries, and outright lies. Federal patient privacy law bars doctors from relinquishing records without a signed release from the patient. It is little doubt an odd admission, a health care provider allegedly admitting that he took orders from the affected person after which shared that bogus medical data with the nation and that is simply a part of the story.

Schiller, who left the White House in 2017, at the time was serving as the director of Oval Office operations.