Delta Air Line passengers evacuated on tarmac


Firefighter greeted flight 1854 Monday night at around 8pm, when it landed at Denver International Airport because the flight from Detroit filled with smoke. Those on board left the plane on emergency slides and over-wing exits.

Delta Airlines Flight 1854 from Detroit had already been delayed in Detroit for about three hours before the flight departed, according to flight records and a passenger who was on the plane, Jim McManus. Airport spokeswoman Emily Williams says passengers reported smoke crammed the cabin because the aircraft was taxiing to the gate.

Delta blamed the smoke on a small amount of hydraulic fluid dripping onto the aircraft's auxiliary power unit - a small jet engine located in the rear of the plane.

An airport spokesperson said there may have been minor injuries due to the evacuation on emergency slides.

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A Delta Air Traces flight from Detroit to Denver was evacuated after passengers reported smoke within the cabin.

Another passenger, Steve Katich, posted photos from inside the plane during the incident.

All its passengers had to be evacuated once the plane landed in Denver around 8 p.m., DIA confirms. That smoke got into the ventilation system and into the cabin.

Jayne Mednick, a passenger said, "The cabin filled with fumes, very, uh, noxious fumes, and of course people were alarmed". "Now that I think about it, what if this would have happened in the air?"