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It also introduces some hefty fines for firms that flout the law: e20million (R292m), 4% of annual global turnover, or whichever is greater.

While the updates are mainly lengthy pieces of legalese, there are some important gems hidden in the middle.

Complying with the new data privacy law, it is important for companies to inform European citizens what data they are storing along with providing rational reasons.

Your data is important to companies, especially those that thrive on advertising. Thus, most tech companies would rather play it safe and extend the GDPR rules to all users instead of making separate algorithms for European and non-Europeans.

Europeans were blocked from several United States news outlets as a result of this regulation with the rollout of GDPR norms, media reports said.

In the long term, Kent said companies will need to shift their thinking and have more personal conversations that serve the needs of travelers.

Unable to meet the GDPR deadline, major news publications such as The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Daily News, The Orlando Sentinel and The Baltimore Sun were all blocked from European readers as of Friday. The International Association of Privacy Professionals found that only 40 percent of companies affected by the GDPR expected to be fully compliant by May 25.

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"If Kenya Airways has your permission, we may use the functionality on your device (such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS) to determine your location to assist with flight connections, boarding our aircraft as well as provide a personalised service (you can access or change this option by amending the location settings on your device)", explains the privacy policy under one of the notes detailing the types of data the airline collects. They also have to take a legal risk for the same.

But what if you already have deleted a few things?

The changes will give people more control over their personal data and make it easier to access it.

We created an infographic to demonstrate the path well-protected personal data takes - leaving the data subject's hands and on to an organization for secure processing. There, you can see the advertisers that have your info and opt out of sharing that with them, if you so choose. "I would have gotten about 15-20 mails from various Europe-based websites, blogs and online-learning portals", said James Nirmalan, a coder. For instance, Facebook did not let know the users know about the data leakage back in 2015 with respect to Cambridge Analytica personality quiz.

Foreign banks with operations in Taiwan should easily be able to adjust to GDPR as they follow protocols set by their head offices, while domestic banks that do not have branches in Europe are still subject to GDPR if their business involve collecting personal data from residents in Europe, Koo said.

According to Shree Parthasarathy, Partner, Deloitte India, Indian businesses are battling severe issues of data protection and cyber security that have larger business implications on productivity and customer confidence.