Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Kills Korean Karaoke While Dressed As Unicorn


Deadpool returns to cinemas this Friday, May 18.

This is Deadpool. He fights dirty, talks dirty and gets dirty to get the job done, regardless of what the job is. The best news of all is that the future looks very bright for X-Force as long as there is a playfully inventive script that can give objective to many of the numerous characters.

Deadpool 2 is kind of like that zany guy you met at a party once. Though business is a'booming, Wilson's life falls apart and he has no one to turn to but the X-Men.

Wade was all about making money any way he could. Madness ensues, as madness often does.

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"Deadpool 2" is a worthy follow-up to the hit original movie. Instead, there are likely to be several X-Force movies, which I think will be refreshing. Deadpool might make a joke about climaxes at this point, but let's keep things clean.

Ryan Reynolds arrived at a special screening of Deadpool 2 along with his wife, Blake Lively. If you enjoyed the first one, there's every chance you'll like this one as well. He makes up for the excessive burns all over his body with an endless supply of overwrought profanity, pop-culture references, and other non sequiturs. Go see Deadpool 2. The new level to this sequence works, while the repeated joke falls flat. The theme of creating an ad hoc family to call your own is alternately championed, undermined and then, wryly, championed again. In fact, one time he said he'd kill a baby if you paid him enough. This trio of supporting characters from the first film feel shoehorned and stuffed back in for the sequel as if the studio was afraid not to include all of the ingredients that made the first film such a massive success.

Reynolds also remarked that the unicorn mask was "much easier to wear" than the Deadpool mask. "So, I don't know, I would assume that it's just gonna be business as usual". It also seems too... familiar. The first Deadpool was in the works for years before 20th Century Fox finally greenlit a relatively low-budgeted R-rated adaptation of the Marvel Comics character. After Deadpool and Cable are (nearly) on the same side, the lack of a real villain really hurts the film. But Deadpool can't help but go rogue on the whole good guy rehabilitation when he encounters the troubled mutant Russell (Julian Dennison).

The new members of the cast are fantastic, especially Josh Brolin as Cable (his second coolest role of this "Summer of Brolin"). David Leitch ("Atomic Blonde") takes over as director, and he clearly knew a good thing when he saw it, as he essentially falls in line with the tone and visual language already established by Tim Miller. Best of all, he is the ideal straight-man foil to Deadpool's nonsense. The difference here is that the world now loves this character and expectations are incredibly high. The "kid,"Julian Dennison, is nearly as amusing as Deadpool himself". Beetz crushes the action here and gets featured in what is no doubt the single greatest piece of cinematography in the entire film in which the camera pans around her character as cars crash and trucks flip over to avoid her, although the shot itself is a bit marred by some rough CGI.