Deadpool apologises to David Beckham for voice gag


Deadpool tries a few more times in cartoon fashion to get his attention, first presumably 99 Red Balloons with a helium voice, followed by a mariachi band.

Business Insider The credits scene in #Deadpool2 is the best one ever done to date in any superhero movie. Can Ryan Reynolds really strike gold twice as the Merc with a Mouth? The movie we've all been waiting for will soon be released. [Ryan Reynolds] destroys as Wade.

While the fans might be disappointed that Jackman isn't joining Deadpool for an adventure any time in the near future, the actor thinks that Reynolds is doing a great job carrying the franchise on his own. The first screenings took place last night and have answered the usual hot question heading into theaters: is there a post-credits scene?

The marketing for Deadpool 2 continues with the same fourth wall-breaking jokes you come to expect from the franchise. The first call I made was to Jim [Mangold].

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Guess this was another PR stunt to promote the upcoming Marvel film Deadpool 2, which is all set to hit theatres on May 18.

- Sammy Paul (@ICOEPR) May 10, 2018 I didn't absolutely love the first Deadpool, but man, Deadpool 2 does the trick for me. DEADPOOL 2 beat me into submission until I was actually enjoying myself. They especially singled out Cable, played by Thanos star Josh Brolin, and Peter, Rob Delaney's mild mannered dad who finds himself enrolled in the X-Force.

Are you excited about Deadpool 2 and it's 2 mid credit scenes? Only a handful of people know the film's true plot.

One reviewer says the film is the most violent major release since Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol 1. Right at the moment, David receives a "sorry" text message from Wade, but he ignores it.