Condolences pour in for Brit toddler Alfie Evans


Alfie's parents, who have campaigned tirelessly over their right to fly the little boy to Italy for treatment, shared the devastating news on Facebook in the early hours.

Alfie had been in a semi-vegetative state and scans of his brain had shown that nearly all of it had been destroyed. During that time, he was kept alive by artificial ventilation in the critical care unit.

In this April 23, 2018 handout photo provided by Alfies Army Official, brain-damaged toddler Alfie Evans cuddles his mother Kate James at Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool, England.

Evans died after his parents lost their final battle in court to prevent doctors from turning his life support machine off. On Thursday, however, he thanked the family's supporters but asked them to go home so the parents could build a relationship with the hospital to provide the toddler "with the dignity and comfort he needs".

A British court rejected an appeal by the boy's parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, on Wednesday to take their son to Italy.

The case has provoked strong feelings over whether judges, doctors or parents have the right to decide on a child's life.

Alfie Evans in the hospital in Liverpool.

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Alfie's parents were supported by Pope Francis, whom they visited earlier to week to ask for help, and Poland's President Andrzej Duda. Why Anthony Hayden gets to be the arbiter of the life of a toddler is beyond my understanding.

(Trump has not mentioned Alfie's case.) Charlie's parents ultimately gave up their fight to take the baby to the United States for experimental therapy to prolong his life, saying there was no longer a realistic chance of saving him. Alfie will be forever engraved in our heart.

Although the past few weeks have been hard with much activity on social media, we must recognise that all who have played a part in Alfie's life have wanted to act for his good, as they see it.

On April 23, he tweeted, "Moved by the prayers and vast solidarity shown little Alfie Evans, I renew my appeal that the suffering of his parents may be heard and that their desire to seek new forms of treatment may be granted".

At around 9pm, life support is withdrawn by doctors at Alder Hey hospital, according to Mr Evans.

Gemma Lowery paid tribute to Alfie after he died. Ideological consistency is lacking in today's politics.

March 8: Alfie's parents ask for the case to be considered by Supreme Court justices. I like to think the Western world can do better for our children, but perhaps I am overly optimistic. He confounded expectations by continuing to breathe unaided. In Aviv's story on guardianship among the elderly, it plays out in a more prosaic and yet similarly shocking form - with old people who are hardly incompetent handed over to professional guardians who sell their assets and consign them to assisted living facilities from which they can't escape.