Bethesda officially releases the Rage 2 teaser trailer, gameplay trailer coming tomorrow


In a surprising move, Bethesda Softworks has contracted Avalanche Studios to develop Rage 2 instead.

RAGE 2 is scheduled to hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2019. Which is something we'd take a grain of salt, given how often big games get delayed these days. When Bethesda launched the Rage 2 page on its website it revealed that the game was being developed by both id Software and Avalanche Studios. Rage 2 will be an open-world title as a result, with a focus both on first-person and vehicular combat.

What's really interesting, though, is that Avalanche Studios is working on Rage 2 alongside id Software.

From the trailer, we can see there will be plenty of guns to use, a variety of different characters and creatures, and a vast world to explore.

"When 80% of the Earth's population was destroyed by an asteroid, the tyrannical Authority rose up to seek control and every scrap that slipped through their fingers was snatched up by those who remained".

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Now, Rage 2 is back and better than ever. The year is 2185, you name is Walker and you are the last Ranger of the Vineland. This time, rather than being a survivor from before the devastation, players take the role of Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland and a man who has been robbed of everything valuable in his life except for the need for justice. After being prematurely revealed by Walmart Canada (along with a bunch of other unannounced games!) and the announcement trailer prematurely leaking online, the Rage Twitter account jumped into life and confirmed the news.

Bethesda has not revealed what time the trailer will be released at, however yesterday's teaser was released at 3pm United Kingdom time. Now, we know Rage 2 is out next year, we know the premise of its story, and we've got a glimpse at how it'll look in practice.

We're also impressed by just how many enemies seem to be on screen at a time, especially given it is an open world game with vehicles.

Pre-order RAGE 2 and get the "Cult of the Death God" exclusive mission, Settlers Pistol, Nicholas Raine Armor, and Monster Truck in-game.