Andrew Lincoln reportedly leaving "The Walking Dead" after Season 9


Andrew Lincoln, star of AMC's "The Walking Dead", will reportedly leave the show after its ninth season, which is now in production. And Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, may not be the only cast member to exit. Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, is only contracted to appear in six episodes in Season 9, which is now in production. We assume that Lincoln is ready to move on to other projects - Not only is the show pretty old, but its ratings and reviews have been sinking in recent years.

ABC just picked up that pilot for a full season order, but Cohan also negotiated a deal to return to The Walking Dead's first half of Season Nine - but, like Lincoln, she'll only appear in six episodes. Since its publication, Comic Book and TheWrap have debuted their own reports on the matter.

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While it's unsurprising that Lincoln might want to leave The Walking Dead after almost a decade of playing that single role, Rick has been at the center of the show since the very beginning. "There's a lot more Maggie story to tell". Not bad for a character that doesn't even exist in the original source material. Whether or not fans are along for the ride remains to be seen, as some were already angry about the death of Carl Grimes and actor Chandler Riggs' exit. The series killed off Rick's wife Lori, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, way back in season 3.

The Walking Dead has been mired in controversy as of late as it was said Chandler Riggs was sacked from the show, and in addition, the show's producers - including Robert Kirkman - are suing the AMC network for monies owed.