The world turns blue


Early signs of autism can often be detected in children as young as 2-3 years and it is advisable that parents start treatment as soon as possible for improved outcomes, according to doctors.

Qutub Minar today was lit up with blue lights on World Autism Awareness Day as part of the global '#LightItUpBlue' campaign to increase sensitisation and acceptance of autism in the society. A positive and loving home environment with involvement and understanding from siblings and extended family helps integrate the child with normal family activities and outings.

His message continues saying that the United Nations hopes that no one with autism "is left behind" and that the United Nations has committed itself to "promote the full participation of all people with autism, and ensure they have the necessary support to be able to exercise their rights and fundamental freedoms". "World Autism Acceptance Day", passed in council on 1 November 2007, and adopted on 18 December 2007.

Once autism is diagnosed, multi-factorial approach with behavioural interventions, sensory stimulation, speech therapy, occupational therapy, which focus on the development of social skills, language, communication and daily skills, are needed to deal with the disorder, Srivastava said.

Amanda added: "We hope that by tying in the donation of "Akea" with Autism Aware- ness Week, we can share not just Elizabeth's own achievement as an author with Aspergers, but the efforts made by the libraries of Som- erset and the NAS to support those living with autism".

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Qatar Airways Senior Vice President Human Resources, Ms. Nabeela Fakhri, said: "Qatar Airways has always been a major advocate of social and humanitarian causes". Here are few things you need to know about the condition in order to understand it better.

Based on the results of the test, parents will know whether they should seek further medical attention for a conventional diagnosis. You can also post a picture to social media using the hashtag #LightItUpBlue. Sidra has been accepting ASD referrals from schools from a year ago. "[A] little boy and thousands of children whom I met thereafter taught me that autism is not to be feared and can be boldly approached to release its bonds".

Surprisingly, this overtipped ratio can also be seen in other parts of the world.

Qatar Airways operates a modern fleet of more than 200 aircraft to a network of more than 150 key business and leisure destinations across six continents.

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