New Spectacles. Made for Summer


Way back in September of 2016, Snapchat creator Snap, Inc. launched its first physical product: a pair of sunglasses called Spectacles that could record video, but couldn't take photos.

The new Spectacles have a few basic aesthetic improvements - including no obvious yellow rings on the front and more sophisticated colors - but Snap also made some technological tweaks, like adding waterproofing and a still-image mode. The first Spectacles were launched on November 2017 through limited availability, and went on sale online in February 2017.

While the first version of Snapchat Spectacles failed to garner much attention from the public due to its limited usability and availability, the Spectacles V2 can boost sales for the company as it comes with more advanced features and technical fixes.

Water resistant. While taking them deep-sea snorkeling is out of the question, they can withstand splashes and shallow water. It's also available in new colors: black, red and blue. Plus, you can choose from two different lens shades. After the Snap Inc. introduced their product Spectacles, there was a lot of unsold pairs. They have a similar design to the original pair, which means you'll still have the single camera on the right side, and the light indicator to tell everyone around you that you're recording.

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If you want sapphire Spectacles, you can decide between "twilight" and "midnight" lenses. Prescription lenses cost an additional $125.

The new Spectacles are waterproof. Take a look at the video for more details. The included case will charge the glasses up to four times.

Do I have to use them with Snapchat? Secondly, it improved the transfer speed between Spectacles and your phone. The new Spectacles come with a higher price tag as well: $150, which is $20 more than the first version. Snap has since recorded customer and employee complaints about the Spectacles in order to avoid another substantial loss. Spectacles were originally sold through a vending machine which was moved randomly from place to place.

You can find the new Snap Spectacles on the dedicated shopping website for your region. Buy them here for $275.