Michigan High School Golfer Attacked by Goose as Photographer Documents Entire Incident


Dramatic photos of a fierce ass goose taking down a golfer in Adrian, Michigan are making the rounds on the internet. Blissfield High School posted the photos on social media with the caption "And you thought golf was boring?"

A southeastern MI high school golfer learned his lesson the hard way Sunday when a Canada goose randomly attacked him as he was walking down the fairway of a golf course.

"The group just finished teeing off on hole #7 and were walking down the fairway", Babbitt told CNN in an email. He told ABC News that they were staying away from another goose which was sitting on an egg nearby, but apparently, this aggressive bird didn't think they were keeping enough space.

Isaac Couling of Concord High was minding his own business when he accidentally infuriated a territorial goose, and Devon Pitts of Blissfield was there to capture it all. The first picture shows the initial attack.

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"He stood up after the 2nd picture and tripped trying to run away resulting in the 3rd picture", Blissfield answered.

"If a goose bit me I would club it, pitch a fire in the middle of a par 5 on the 3rd hole and eat it in front of it's family and INSTA it for PETA", someone replied.

"Just his pride was hurt", the school's athletics Twitter account said.