Kim Kardashian's New Fragrance Bottle Will Be A Mold of Her Body


Just yesterday we posted on the news that Kim Kardashian's latest KKW fragrance will come in a bottle shaped like the reality star's body.

She also posted a photo to her beauty site KKW BODY that read: 'A NEW PERFUME IS COMING TO KKWFRAGRANCE.COM IN 5 DAYS #KKWBODY'.

Kim Kardashian's new line of perfume takes the idea of a personal touch to a whole new level.

A second image, more explicit this time, shared by the KKW Fragrance Instagram account shows the lower part of Kim's body without any underwear.

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Kim Kardashian has opened up about being robbed at gunpoint at her Parisian apartment back in 2016, revealing that she thinks it was 'supposed to happen'.

REMEMBER THE LAST time you thought your butt-naked body would make the ideal mould for a perfume bottle? She covers up her privates with her hand, but this photo is still bound to raise eyebrows!

The 37-year-old beauty is following up the success of her KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance brands, which she launched in 2017, with her scent KKW Body.

Even though Kim Kardashian is not known for being shy, this is still a pretty intimate picture. It seems as though Kim is trying to cause a Twitter frenzy before she officially drops her new scent - and it's working. "It's really cool", she said. Today is no exception, except that the reality TV star has a very specific reason for her nudity, and that's to promote her latest fragrance.