Judge Denies Stormy Daniels' Motion To Depose Trump And Cohen


Daniels' story is consistent with that of former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who received a $150,000 hush-money payment in 2016 regarding her alleged 10-month affair with Trump. If this is successful, president Trump would have to explain what he knew about the agreement and when.

Schwartz, who is not representing Cohen in this specific case but has been authorized by Cohen to speak in his defense, told "CBS This Morning" that Cohen never told Donald Trump about the agreement.

Contracts, including Stormy Daniels' NDA, generally contain a severability clause, so that even if part of it is considered unenforceable, other parts remain in effect.

TMZ points out the $27,025 payment is not only "by far" the most Trump's office has spent on the company's services, but it's also the largest payment the Executive Office has ever made to TVEyes since they began working with the White House in 2011. Daniels responded by filing a revised federal lawsuit accusing Cohen of defamation.

The White House has denied Clifford's claims, with deputy press secretary Raj Shah calling her "inconsistent".

David Schwartz, an attorney for Cohen, argued Thursday that the lawyer "never told" Trump about the agreement. They didn't seem to understand it. Over the last couple of days, Schwartz has made numerous media appearances to defend Cohen and, ultimately, Trump. "I don't see how he can be party to an agreement if he didn't sign it".

A day after her attorney, Michael Avenatti, demanded that Trump submit to a deposition to clear up his participation in the "hush agreement", a California federal judge has rejected the bid for an expedited jury trial and limited discovery. The judge said such a motion was premature, leaving the door open for Avenatti to refile the request later.

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Avenatti has said he would need no more than two hours each to question Trump and Cohen.

Jeffrey Cohen also said that Schwartz's comments on Wednesday night, if true, increase the risk that Michael Cohen will be the target of an ethics complaint with the NY bar association.

Another rule requires lawyers to promptly inform a client of a material development in litigation or contemplated litigation. "There were a ton of matters that took place that Michael fixed and Donald Trump wasn't involved in every single matter", Schwartz said.

On Thursday, Avenatti tweeted that Otero's order does "not bode well" for Trump and that it may signal the judge will agree with their requests to depose Trump and Cohen and order a jury trial.

"He was trying to help me!?" said Kelly.

"I've been receiving violent threats daily", Evans said.

"It's absolutely not going to happen, not in this case anyway because the case itself is completely frivolous", Schwartz said. "Maybe one day you guys can talk this out", he said.