Facebook collects the data of non-facebook users as well, Mark Zuckerberg


Some of the questions Zuckerberg faced this week highlighted issues relating to the data that Facebook collects from users, and the consent and permissions that users give (or are unaware they give).

Zuckerberg has been called to appear in the European Parliament to explain how Facebook data of as many as 2.7 million Europeans could have been passed to Cambridge Analytica.

I squeezed into a seat in the front row of the press section, just over Mr. Zuckerberg's right shoulder, and settled in for a marathon session. I think they need to get off - we need to get these off as soon as possible. A definitive answer as to when these ads will be offline. In other words, users can turn off targeted ads on the platform, or restrict what information they provide.

"The sheer volume, magnitude, and frequency of Facebook's controversies strongly suggests that the company's whack-a-mole approach is insufficient - Facebook needs to institutionalize stronger risk oversight mechanisms", Trillium said in a letter to fellow Facebook shareholders.

Given the magnitude of Facebook as an internet platform, and its importance to users across the world, the spectre of regulation will continue to raise its head. My friends, my constituents. We must stop being Facebook's product and become Facebook's consumer. "I use Facebook. It's wonderful for our seniors to connect with our relatives".

The post Facebook Confirms it Collects Data Beyond Users appeared first on SIGNAL. This would allow Facebook to recruit new users younger than the current minimum age of 13, even as young as 6. These can be tracked even if you're logged out of your Facebook account.

According to the New York Times, Zuckerberg spent quite a bit of time, money and effort to prepare for the hearing, hiring coaches to grill him on questions he might face during his marathon sessions before the Senate and Congress.

"Yes or no", said Castor.

"It's wonderful for us seniors to connect with our relatives", said Congressman Gus Bilirakis, R-Fla.

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Last week, over two days and 10 hours, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, with a dead-pan face, fielded over 600 questions from almost 100 US Congressmen.

The five-hour hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee proved more tense than a marathon session in the Senate a day earlier.

"Let me just cut to the chase", Nelson said. These and many other companies offer advertising services too. "That is what we are facing".

Zuckerberg's hearing came after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Cambridge Analytica, co-founded by former Trump adviser Stephen Bannon and billionaire Trump supporter and extreme right-wing ideologue Robert Mercer, claimed it could create "psycho-graphic profiles" of people based on their Facebook data. In retrospect, it was clearly a mistake to believe them...and we should have followed up and done a full audit then.

Part of the reason we keep seeing data scares like this is that Facebook's lacklustre messaging around user rights and data policies have contributed to confusion, uncertainty and doubt among its users.

"Yes, you did that, and you apologized for it", Nelson replied.

"Zuckerberg, you're absurd!" they chanted. Such scraping heightens the odds that Facebook could be subject to major fines from the Federal Trade Commission, which is investigating the matter, and it drew sharp rebukes from lawmakers who felt Facebook should have spotted it sooner.

Many people don't realize that your Apps settings on Facebook can also affect your level of privacy.