Amazon Key expands to deliver packages inside your vehicle


You need to link Amazon Key to your OnStar or Volvo On Call service. If you do not now have an active connected service plan, just push the blue OnStar button inside your vehicle to activate service. More models and makes will be added over time.

People are leery of giving Amazon a key to their homes.

The free delivery service, which applies to orders of $35 or more, is available to anyone who has an Amazon Prime subscription. They need to be model year 2015 or newer with an active subscription to OnStar or Volvo on Call.

The new service, which started in 37 cities, keeps couriers out of homes, requires no spending for new equipment and works wherever the vehicle is parked within the service areas as long as it is parked in publicly accessible areas, such as on the street, in a parkiing lot or in a driveway. Volvo began offering in-car delivery in parts of Europe in 2015. Once this is set up, an "In-Car" delivery option will pop up during the checkout process.

Once you have completed setup within the Amazon Key App, shop as you normally do on or the Amazon mobile shopping app.

The new delivery option makes sense given Amazon's almost $14 billion purchase past year of Whole Foods, known for its organic and natural foods products. The in-car delivery options will also show an estimated delivery time window and the delivery date for your order.

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Rather than needing extra Amazon Key hardware, the in-car delivery service only requires the Amazon Key app and a vehicle of recent vintage.

What happens on delivery day?

The delivery service works when cars are parked in publicly accessible areas, such as on the street in front of an apartment building, at a workplace surface parking lot, or in a home driveway - but not in a private parking garage, for example.

The app tells customers their delivery slot, when the package is on its way and when it has been delivered - and also offers a record of when their vehicle was unlocked and relocked.

For concerned customers, Amazon disclosed that it doesn't give the deliverer any special access or keys to the auto and will immediately let the shopper know when his or her vehicle has been relocked. In addition, the courier will never get a key to your vehicle or any special code whatsoever. The service required Prime members to buy a smart lock and camera combo so drivers could request a remote unlock of your door and have their picture taken as they drop off the package. On the day your delivery is due, you'll have to ensure that your vehicle is parked within a specified range of your property, more of which can be found in the Key app.