TOMB RAIDER (not reviewed)


Critically, the films were not greatly praised, but financially the Tomb Raider franchise is one of the more successful video game adaptations.

Even if you haven't played each and every Tomb Raider game since the franchise's debut back in 1996, or its more modern reboot in 2013, and even if you haven't seen the Angelina Jolie versions of the story in the 2001 and 2003 features, the story of Roar Uthaug's film is quite easy to follow.

Right from Vikander being body-shamed to her flaws being counted out, the movie has created seen enough buzz on social media.

The original Tomb Raider brought in $48 million in its opening weekend and its sequel Cradle of Life drew in less then half of that at $21M. Not yet a wealthy, globetrotting archaeologist-adventurer, this Lara is an aimless young Londoner scraping by on odd jobs because she won't sign the papers declaring her missing father dead and so claim her vast inheritance.

In "Tomb Raider", which has elements of "Indiana Jones", "Batman" and even "Tron: Legacy", but with an angsty young woman at the center instead of an angsty young man, Alicia Vikander takes a lot of beatings.

Less a film than a two-hour P90X infomercial, Tomb Raider allows us to watch as super-fit Alicia Vikander goes at breakneck pace through her various fitness stations.

Though she rejects her father's superstitious ideas, Lara's quest leads her to retrace his footsteps, making things worse in the process.

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Her adventuring father, Richard (Dominic West), has always been missing and Lara refuses to accept his death and her inheritance. The movie itself is another, more complicated, story, but this video game adaption is better than most with set pieces that are both fun and ridiculous (like a high-stakes escape room) that actually seem to approximate the experience of playing a video game.

Vikander worked hard to get into fighting shape for the role and reportedly did all her own stunts: a level of commitment reminiscent of Tom Cruise in the Mission: Impossible movies. She travels to a mysterious and secluded island, teaming up with an inebriated boat captain (Daniel Wu) whose father also disappeared. "My breasts are not as pointy as the first Lara, but I had a clear vision of how I wanted to play her", she said. That the production put her in cargo trousers for the duration and not the Jolie short-shorts is perhaps a sign of progress too. It's been a year when it's really been wonderful. you know, I've united with so many of my female co-stars and I've made more female friends over the last few months than I've made during my career so far. There isn't much sarcasm in her.

She convinces a drunken ship captain (Lu Ren) to take her to the island where she finds Walton Goggins and a team of mercenaries embarking on the same quest as her father on behalf of a shady worldwide organization.

The internet has engaged in a lively Lara Croft versus Katniss Everdeen debate for years, comparing their looks, their outfits, and musing over who would win in a fight. She wants to make it on her own, stating that "I'm not that kind of Croft". She fearlessly goes about that task, delivering blows, shooting arrows, and basically kicking as much a* em *Tomb Raider's only concerned with Lara Croft, with not much thought given to surrounding her with interesting characters.

Tomb Raider improves on Lara though.

Unfortunately, Lara's story takes a turn for the dark and dismal from here on out.

Lara and Lu are forced into helping Mathias try and locate the tomb of the evil Queen Himiko.