This Tweet Proves NRA Cares About Guns More Than American Children


"The young man in Florida had some mental health issues", he said.

Sputnik discussed the development with Professor Robert Spitzer, political science researcher at State University of New York College at Cortland. So, instead of lobbying for an assault weapons ban, age restrictions for firearm purchases and stricter background checks, we now must waste time and energy debating this ridiculous proposal.

"The language was clearly taken out of context when referring to teachers and guns on campus", Vega said. I think not. It is hard enough to find qualified people to teach our children without asking them to be prepared to police a riot, by killing someone. There is broad support for universal and comprehensive background checks to ensure risky criminals, people in crisis and domestic abusers do not have access to guns. You can't buy a beer until you're 21, but you must have the right to have an assault weapon at 18. "I would never, ever, ever ask a teacher who is not comfortable in that position to just take training and try to fit them into that position".

One of their major proposals was the creation of this new kind of restraining order, which would give law enforcement officials the authority to temporarily confiscate firearms from people at risk of harming themselves or other people. More guns in classrooms aren't the answer. Yeah, and there are people who say they want a discussion on gun laws.

Malloy said the NRA has opposed the use of the no-fly list to sell guns to people, but he appeared to conflate those on that watch list with actual terrorists.

Once again, the familiar cycle of gun violence and promises of action yielded to capitulation.

Some say the president's plan is much more NRA-friendly than the proposal he threw out in the days following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

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With the tariffs on aluminum and steel that the President announced last week being practically the sole exception, the Trump Administration has governed in accordance with G.O.P. orthodoxy. Are they of value and will they make a difference?

Many of the Democratic gun-control bills have been introduced in legislatures dominated by Republicans, meaning they have little or no chance of passing. That may change in the weeks to come. Here teachers already can carry guns in school - with permission - according to the state's top education administrator.

The Florida law doesn't go as far as we'd like. The possibility of gun-toting teachers inadvertently hitting innocent students in a gun melee is not going to make things better, let alone safer. The weapons, paid for with money from the district's operating budget, are for teachers and staff members who have volunteered and trained to be part of the school's response team if a shooter enters a building.

In fact, they are coming to your town, Mr. President. That doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything, there's nothing wrong with enhancing school security. Most districts made the decision to arm staff after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in CT that killed 26 people, mostly young children. A couple of months after the incident, his brother made an academic advising appointment with me, but we both knew his future was inalterably changed.

Sputnik: But not compared to the rest of the world...

It is this last item that I most worry about since the others are unlikely. But Trump and his fellow elected officials still haven't had enough of the $millions they get from the NRA. Think about it the next time you vote.

Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman commented as well, saying "The country is demanding action on guns-civic groups are raising their voices in state houses and on Capitol Hill, student groups are marching for their lives, and influential members of the business community are stepping up for the public safety". We've seen this cycle before and what tends to happen after these bad events is that public outcry and rage subsides. But these students have been quite remarkable, if they can sustain this momentum and keep public attention on this issue and bring it into the fall midterm elections, then it's possible that it could have a real effect how our government responds in policy terms.