Switch 'Y2K' bug seems to reset game progress after one year


Usually companies tend to upgrade the hardware on their consoles on their new consoles, but it looks like Nintendo will be putting their focus into other aspects of the Switch for this year instead.

On March 3rd 2018, the Nintendo Switch celebrated its first anniversary of going on sale in the United Kingdom, and with that came an unexpected bug which caught many players off guard.

The Nintendo of America account tweeted early on March 5 to provide Switch owners with an update regarding the recent issues with play times being recorded.

Japan's Association of Media in Digital (or AMD) will be awarding the Nintendo Switch with the "Excellence Award" this year. Nintendo said that the Switch is still recording players' time played in the background even if it may not appear that way and added that the proper play time for each player would return as part of a future update.

June 2017 - To kick off the summer, Nintendo released ARMS, a unique fighting game starring an eclectic roster of characters overflowing with personality.

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The original story follows below. According to user Vook64, the Switch appears not to log the year of your first playing the game, just the month and day, meaning after a year it resets to being played for the first time on the new instance of that date.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched alongside Nintendo Switch on March 3, with the adventure continuing later in the year with the release of two DLC packs, Trial of the Sword and the Champions Ballad.

We already know that the Switch takes a week before updating the user profile with the number of hours you've played a game for. We have reached out to the company for comment and will report back with a response.

Nintendo Switch owners were shocked to find over the weekend that their playtime data of launch games has been erased. You can this in the screenshot below.