Students Arrested After Making Separate School Shooting Threats


Anyone with credible information on school violence is urged to call the Lockport Police Department at 433-7700.

Police searched the student's home and found no weapons or other types of planning materials, police Chief Mark Warburton said in a news release. Non-emergency reports for Genoa Township Police can be made to 740-833-2800. Holt High School investigated, and a person of interest has been interviewed by the local Sheriff's Office.

State Police took the lead on the investigation this week amid what a spokesman described as a "conflict of interest" involving the Lockport Police Department. Officers determined the student did not possess or have any access to firearms. The student on the receiving end of the comment reported it to school authorities, Nebus said.

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To students and parents who spoke out, Palkovic said: "Thank you, thank you, thank you very much". An additional police presence will be on campus on Monday before, during and after school, school officials say. All threats to our schools are investigated thoroughly.

We have got to continue to work together in stressing to our children the seriousness of making threats. She said she would be fine, she had two test and its midterms. "It gave us further tips we could look into", Palkovic said. "We appreciate their efforts today, and every day, to keep our schools and our community safe".