Senator Dianne Feinstein fails to receive party backing


Dianne Feinstein failed to win the official endorsement of the California Democratic Party as she seeks her fifth term, another sign that the party is divided over how best to battle Republicans in Washington.

Instead state Senate leader Kevin de León won the support of 54 percent of the delegates, short of the 60 percent needed to secure the party endorsement. "It should never take a primary challenge for California's leadership to stand up for California values", he said.

As Bernie Sanders dominated the California political landscape in 2016, Hillary Clinton was propped up by the Democratic Party, who even conspired against the Vermont socialist, but now the state will adjust and Senator Dianne Feinstein may be the first casualty. Polling shows her with a wide lead over de Leon among likely voters and she has a huge money advantage. She did not get the endorsement from the Democratic Party.

While the party didn't endorse Feinstein, who's been in Congress since 1992, they didn't endorse her challenger either.

California Democrats held their convention in San Diego over the weekend.

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His speech also reflected a feeling among many Democrats, particularly younger ones, that it is time for the old guard of Democratic leaders here to step aside. Gov.

"California's greatness comes from acts of human audacity, not congressional seniority", de León said. They were annoyed that she didn't take a harder line on former FBI Director James Comey's abrupt termination previous year, or that she is much more of an ally of the intelligence community than of Silicon Valley on the encryption question. It took Feinstein a while before she made a decision to vote against a spending bill last December and last January in order to show her protest over the Trump administration's immigration policy.

Perhaps best underscoring party tensions is the race between Feinstein and de Leon.

DACA provides a level of amnesty to certain illegal immigrants - many of whom came to the children.