Royal pay gap: The Crown's Claire Foy paid less than Matt Smith


During an INTV conference panel on Tuesday, producers of Netflix's The Crown admitted that series lead Claire Foy was paid less than Matt Smith, the Prince Phillip to her Queen Elizabeth II.

While acknowledging that there was a discrepancy, the producers haven't disclosed how much more Smith was paid than Foy.

Claire Foy appears in a scene from "The Crown".

The Crown's salary news is just the latest instance of Hollywood's egregious wage gap.

Producers Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harries acknowledged to U.S. news outlet Variety that Smith's previous starring role in Doctor Who meant he was paid more than Foy - who had appeared in a number of smaller British dramas including the BBC's Wolf Hall prior to The Crown.

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Variety also reported the show had a production budget of around US$7 million per episode.

Who would've thought that a prince would get paid more than a queen?

Before tackling The Crown, Smith played the 11th iteration of the title character on BBC's Doctor Who.

For comparison, Chrissy Metz was reportedly paid $40,000 per episode for the acclaimed NBC drama "This Is Us", which has had 18 episodes per season.

Speaking to the Guardian before the launch of the second series of The Crown past year, Foy said she believed women were expected to follow pre-accepted norms. This comes as a bit of a shock considering that Foy earned an Emmy nomination and won both a Golden Globe and SAG Award for best actress for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth's early years. Since departing The Crown, Foy has signed on to star as Lisbeth Salander, the world-class computer hacker and heroine of Stieg Larsson's Millennium series, in the upcoming franchise spin-off The Girl in the Spider's Web. Olivia Colman (Golden Globe victor for AMC's The Night Manager) will take over for Foy as Queen Elizabeth, while the new Prince Philip has yet to be cast.