PM maintains Brexit 'is no power grab' amid devolution discussions


"Today, one year until the United Kingdom leaves the EU and begins to chart a new course in the world, I am visiting all four nations of the union to hear from people across our country what Brexit means to them".

It was on March 29, 2017 that the May government set in motion the two-year exitprocess under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by sending a letter to Brussels about the UK's decision to leave the European Union after the 2016 referendum resulted in a 52%-48% leave vote.

But the tour inevitably led to a series of stagey photos as she visited a factory, a group of farmers and a nursery.

"I said, you know, some were predicting great problems if people voted for Brexit".

On Wednesday, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry faced criticism from within her own party for saying Labour MPs would probably approve the government's "blah, blah, blah" deal that would pass Labour's six tests - which include maintaining the benefits of the single market and customs union.

Despite misgivings about the government's performance and doubts about the result of the negotiations with the European Union, 68 percent of the respondents say that "those who voted against Brexit should respect the will of the majority" - with only 35 percent thinking there should be a second referendum.

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He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the tests were "nowhere near being met" and insisted Labour would not vote for the deal unless "the government are sensible and they negotiate properly".

Scottish National Party spokesman Michael Russell accused Mrs May of planning a "power grab" by repatriating some responsibilities now exercised in Brussels to Westminster rather than Edinburgh.

She said each devolved region of Britain will see an increase in their decision-making powers. People did feel that the system wasn't working for them in perhaps the way that it should.

While she accepted last week the principle of keeping a "regulatory alignment" between both parts of the island, she also repeated on Wednesday her "absolute responsibility to protect the integrity of the United Kingdom as a whole".

UK NETFLIX ANDIPLAYER USERS won't be able to access native programming when travelling around the European Union as planned, thanks to Brexit. It's a future in which we trade freely with friends and partners across Europe and beyond.

Instead of determining an annual budget each year, she said, a multi-year funding arrangement will be agreed so health chiefs have more certainty and stability from year to year. "No prime minister could leave these things to chance", she added.