Nest launches Hello doorbell, smart lock, and temperature sensor


Apart from the product launch, the most compelling selling point for Nest products is that they are now closely integrated into Google Assistant. "The same goes with professional home-technology installers, many of whom were nudged into the product line years ago when customers began asking for Nest thermostats by name". Now we can safely put those fears to rest.

Google's Nest has confirmed the start of sales of its video doorbell Nest Hello and the Nest x Yale Lock.

The smart lock and Hello doorbell are already available for sale on the Nest website, the temperature sensor will be available in April 2018.

Nest is also working in close collaboration with Google to integrate the Google Assistant to devices such as Nest Cam IQ Indoor.

And when someone's at the door, see who's there with Nest Hello or your Nest Cam outdoor security camera, then let them in.

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As for the Nest x Yale door locks, this will be Shangri-La's first real effort in the category. If you're a Nest Aware subscriber, you'd not only get a notification on your phone that there's a person at the door, but the facial recognition feature would kick in too. Both products connect to an accompanying Nest app for added functionality. The $39 gadget is meant to be a solution for households where not every room stays at a consistent temperature, which can be problematic if, say, your Nest is in one of the warmer rooms of the house. This works in combination with the Nest thermostat to monitor and control the temperature in a specific room.

Because Nest Hello can detect a person, you'll get an alert even before someone rings the bell. The system unlocked and turned off cameras when coming home, then locked the door, armed the system and turned on cameras when leaving.

The Nest Temperature Sensor is available to pre-order now in the U.S. with a United Kingdom release yet to be confirmed.

We got a short demo of how the suite of Nest products worked together, and while it was a controlled environment, things went pretty seamlessly. When you unlock your door with the Nest x Yale Lock, the Nest Secure alarm system disarms automatically, without you having to tap your key fob or use the Nest app.

I should mention here that Nest told me that you can only use Google Assistant to arm Nest Secure, and not to disarm it. This allows users to more directly control the temperature of each room, giving homes that don't already have zoned climate control much more granular control.