Messer speaks on Trump's North Korea stance


Donald Trump will only meet North Korea's despotic leader Kim Jong-un if the country "take concrete steps and concrete actions", his spokeswoman said this evening. Unlike past high-profile meetings between U.S. presidents and foreign leaders, the North Korea meeting was announced before many pertinent details surrounding the talks were ironed out or before any public lower-level diplomat discussions were established.

In an evening tweet, Trump praised a possible future agreement with the communist North as "very good" for the worldwide community as a whole, after the USA leader stunned the world by accepting an invitation to meet Kim Jong Un before the end of May.

TRT World's Frank Ucciardo has more from NY.

Sanders did not specify what actions North Korea would have to take for the meeting to occur but said the DPRK had already "promised" it would denuclearize and said that it would refrain from nuclear and ballistic missile tests. Tillerson said what stood out for him was what he termed the dramatic shift in Kim Jong Un's position.

"That is a decision the president took himself".

And she refused to confirm when and where the historic meeting between Kim and Mr Trump would take place.

Officials behind the scenes said this did not constitute a change of heart.

From outside the West Wing and flanked by a South Korean delegation, Chung told reporters that Kim had "expressed eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible".

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One expert on North Korea I spoke to believes that the personalities of the two Presidents may, strangely, actually help facilitate a deal. Elizabeth Warren, lauded reports that the United States will pursue diplomatic talks with North Korea, the Massachusetts Democrat raised concerns Friday about the Trump administration's ability to navigate such negotiations.

The summit announcement triggered a rise in global stock markets while world leaders voiced hope the meeting would deflate tensions that had been building dramatically in recent months. "You're on the way to a historical meeting no USA president has ever done".

"A meeting is being planned", Trump posted on Twitter after speaking to Chung, setting up what would be his biggest foreign policy gamble since taking office in January 2017. "That is also a little bit worrisome to Japan, but overall I think the current situation is much better than it looked when he got elected".

"This is not "The Apprentice" or a reality TV event..."

However, Jarrett warned that "negotiating with a nuclear state is not something you do on a drive-by".

"These are really complex negotiations that have a whole lot of layers to them", the senator said.

"The challenge here is there is no greater diplomatic tool or lever than the President of the United States", he added.

"I am concerned by President Trump's response to the invitation that he meet with Kim Jong Un - not that he agreed to meet but that he agreed to meet by May", Einhorn said. "This maximum pressure campaign and this process has been ongoing since the president first took office", Sanders added. "We have no ambassador to South Korea, the major diplomats that work in the region, that know the economy, that know the history, that know the military objectives just aren't there".