Mario Kart is coming to Google Maps for one week only


Hence today's cross-corporate camaraderie and Mario on Google Maps for iOS and Android.

But why is March 10 Mario Day, we hear you ask? This was announced just as Google and Nintendo announced a new partnership ahead of the event scheduled to hold on March 10.

Mario is taking a break from rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser to navigate you through Google Maps!

It's Mario
It's Mario

The in-app purchase (IAP) inside of Super Mario Run that unlocks the full game is typically priced at $9.99. You will need to update your app in order to access this feature, but doing so should trigger a prompt that requests permission to replace the standard tracker with Mario.

The search giant also says, "Once enabled, you'll see that the navigation arrow has morphed into - who else?" Going forward, Mario will be your companion wherever you are driving this week-school, work, restaurant-anywhere. The feature will last a week, according to a tweet from Nintendo of America. You can then tap to add it to your photo.

Yoshi Easter egg could have something to do with Nintendo's upcoming mobile kart racer, Mario Kart Tour, which is set to release sometime before the end of March next year. Mario will be available as a simple position marker across Google Maps worldwide for a week. Pull up driving directions like you normally would and look for a suspicious-looking yellow question mark block to the left of the regular Start button.

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