Jim Carrey slammed online for alleged Sarah Sanders caricature


"Jim Carrey Paints Sarah Huckabee Sanders - It's Not a Pretty Picture".

"This is a portrait of a so-called Christian whose only goal in life is to lie for the wicked", writes Carrey in the accompanying caption without mentioning Huckabee Sanders by name.

The images sparked controversy with many on Twitter saying that Carrey was "bullying" Sanders and decrying the image's seeming mockery of Sanders' physical appearance. "#JimCarrey is just doing his portion, right Jim?"

A spokeswoman for Carrey confirmed to the Associated Press that Carrey painted the image but would not confirm that it was Sanders. Some called the painting "disgraceful", while others were upset by the way he seemed to target Christians.

Carrey has previously shared unflattering artistic works of Sanders' boss, President Trump.

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The 2017 documentary "I Needed Color" revealed Carrey's new creative outlet, which he said he uses to "heal a broken heart". The actor, who was a comedy box office fixture in the '90s, has quietly taken up painting and sketching, which he posts on his prolific Twitter account - many in political nature.

The first of his anti-Trump cartoons came out November 12 and it shows Trump kissing the rear end of Russian president Vladmir Putin, accompanied by the caption, "They bailed him out, set him up and made him their stooge".

There was plenty of negative reaction to Carrey's tweet. Marco Rubio and House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Daily News reported.

The responses by Trump and Republicans to the Parkland, Florida school shooting also became a subject for Carrey.