'I know what you did,' Caroline tells Arie on Bachelor


The former professional racecar driver has narrowed his marrying prospects down from 29 women to just three, and now in Week 9 he'll select his final two.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke the cardinal Bachelor rule one week out from his finale.

Arie, meanwhile, took to his Twitter account to tease about "Women Tell All".

We get confirmation that Caroline is drunk when she nearly spoils what happens at the end of the season.

Finally, Arie came out.

The race vehicle driver's first fantasy suite date was with Kendall, but as we mentioned, no "I love you" here. "It really just depends on what my fiancé likes and wants". A odd cover of "How Do I Live Without You" plays, I guess to signal that this is some big love story. "Because I love and respect all of these women, and that is a disgusting word". This time it was to break things off with her. She ended her segment by apologizing and tearfully announced that her brother, who had been living on the streets, saw her on the show and is transitioning back to living with his family. "These are my friends", Caroline said in a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight. Marikh said Chelsea glam-shamed her for brushing her hair and Chelsea said she wasn't, and didn't. You know what else is possible? According to Reality Steve, Arie will pick Becca and even propose.

"In a way, looking back now, I feel like it was pretty appropriate", Arie retorted as the audience cheered. "I feel like you're not excited to see me", he replies.

Several of the women began to debate whether or not "glam-shaming" is a thing, which clearly ticked off Mathias, who appeared visibly upset. "I feel like maybe I dragged it on way longer than I should have".

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Ross Jirgl, a sports performance coach at Stanford, trekked all the way to a small Peruvian town to try and win the love of ex-girlfriend Becca Kufrin, who's one of three finalists in the reality show featuring auto racer Arie Luyendyk Jr. "I see us at the end of all this", Arie said in his confessional.

During every season of The Bachelor, a few women always seem to stand out from the rest.

While ABC has shared that Arie will acknowledge he has fallen in love with two of the women, one of his relationships may be at risk ahead of the rose ceremony.

But what the women didn't know is that Krystal is worse than they thought and a forgotten microphone caught her calling Arie "a needle (rhymes with stick)" and all of the women an offensive word that rhymes with "blunt".

Harrison had Bekah phone her mother from the hot seat. After attending college in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University, she moved to the Los Angeles area to get a taste of Hollywood.

Becca went to see Arie, who had been fuming in his room, to say she didn't want Ross's stunt to taint her relationship with him. The comments that you made were not only hurtful to me, they were hurtful to them, and it doesn't make me happy.

"I don't want to be on this show".

Of course Arie didn't realize the full extent of Krystal's trickery until he watched the series. Lauren says she is falling in love with Arie, but she's not sure she can do the show anymore. "I came all this way, um, I found out about a week ago that she is on the show".