Ford gives a glimpse of an upcoming SUV that's not the Bronco


Instead of traditional platforms for its products, Ford will scale back to five modular setups--a rear-drive unibody, a front-drive unibody, a body-on-frame for trucks, a commercial van unibody, and a battery electric platform.

We have known for more than a year that the Ford Bronco would be returning to the company's lineup and it comes as little surprise that the Motor Company is planning more new SUVs, but it comes as a bit of a surprise that the new Bronco will be joined by a smaller off-road-ready sport ute.

Among these is the as-yet-unnamed compact SUV pictured above.

For Ford, our people want true off-road vehicles that are comfortable at high speeds. These additions include the new Edge ST SUV and a soon-to-follow Explorer ST.

Former Chief Executive Mark Fields was sacked by Ford's board of directors past year because it was dissatisfied with the company's profits, stock performance and what was perceived to be a lack of a clear technology strategy.

Farley said that the foundation for its new strategy is to bring hybrid powertrains to its most iconic nameplates and highest-volume vehicles.

Meanwhile, Ford's F-series pickup trucks alone represent a $41 billion business - more than Coca-Cola or Nike. "We have no announcements to make regarding this model for Australia", Smy told CarAdvice earlier this year.

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"For Mustang, we'll amp things up by delivering V8-like performance from a hybrid powertrain".

Ford is saving that it's making a big push into the electric vehicle area, including plug-in hybrids for the Bronco, Escape, Explorer, Mustang and F-150.

Included in the hybrid plan is one for the F-150 pickup, the top-selling vehicle in America, that will offer increased towing power and an on-board generator. By 2020 nearly nine out of 10 Fords sold in the U.S. will be SUVs not saloons.

Karl Brauer, Executive Publisher of Kelley Blue Book's and Autotrader, said, "Ford will be in an aggressive product evolution mode over the next two years".

Expecting 50 per cent of its home market sales to be SUV based in two years, the blue oval has relocated $9 billion in development funds from auto to SUV production and will replace more than 75 per cent of its current lineup within the same time. "I'll make a prediction: That vehicle is going to be famous without having to shoot it into space", Farley said. There will be 4 new SUV models with a total of 8 utilities in Ford showrooms. It will also reduce the number of variants on offer.

Ford will also debut the new high-performance Mustang Shelby GT500, expected to take the fighter directly to the Dodge Demon.

As for the, new "over-the-air updates" system Ford says its Co-Pilot360 system will include standard automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning and more.