Families of Bangladesh plane crash victims reach Nepal


But a recording of the conversations between the pilot and air traffic controllers indicated confusion over which direction the plane should land. "When the pilot turned the plane and approached the airport out of nowhere we thought we will survive", he said.

The survivor said that they were hovering above airport area for a few minutes before the plane actually landed. "It was not immediately clear if the pilot had issued a "Mayday" call, or distress signal".

Meanwhile, CAAN has said that the radio conversation between Air Traffic Controller at TIA and flight pilot, which was leaked to the media, was unlawful and that the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) will conduct investigation into the matter.

But the pilot took another direction where ATC was heard warning, " I say again turn.

Miscommunication between air traffic controllers and the pilot of US-Bangla Flight BS 211 is being blamed for the fatal plane crash on Monday in Kathmandu that killed at least 51 people and injured 20.

"They appear to be extremely disoriented", a man said in Nepali, watching as Flight BS211 made its approach, though it was not clear if the voice belonged to a pilot or the tower.

"We are suspecting that the Kathmandu air traffic control tower might have misled our pilots to land on the wrong runway", he said.

A series of confused messages follow just before the crash in which the pilot is heard saying they will land at "runway 20" and then "runway 02" - the southern end.

"Forty people died at the spot and nine died at two hospitals in Kathmandu", police spokesman Manoj Neupane said, adding that another 22 were being treated with some in a critical condition.

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He is receiving treatment at the Medicity Hospital Nakhu, Lalitpur.

The plane, which was en route to Kathmandu from Dhaka, had 33 Nepali, 32 Bangladeshi, one Chinese and one Maldivian passenger on board.

However, the US-Bangla airlines have said that no clear instructions were given. "The tower repeatedly asked if the pilot was OK and the reply was 'Yes, '" said the general manager, Raj Kumar Chetri.

The probe panel has also briefed the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh with the available details of the crash.

The Kathmandu Medical College says it is treating 16 survivors. "My family members later took me to the Medicity Hospital for treatment". By late Tuesday morning, four bodies had been identified.

Shradha Giri, who was on board a nearby plane with her daughter, told the BBC: "There was a lot of chaos out there, lot of security personnel running towards it, a lot of ambulances and fire trucks approaching the site where it had crashed".

Relatives of the passengers from Bangladesh arrived in Kathmandu late Tuesday afternoon and were escorted to the hospital by airline officials.

He recalled that even in the flight they were discussing about how Nepal's tourism, which has been sluggish after the quake of 2015, can be promoted in the worldwide market.

The Q400 has sustained several landing gear incidents over the years but this is just the second crash of the aircraft resulting in death.