Elon Musk Tweets Trump: China Trade Rules Like Racing With 'Lead Shoes'


Musk lamented that an American vehicle sold in China pays a 25% import duty compared to just 2.5% for Chinese cars entering the USA (both of these figures were reported by the New York Times).

He went on, "I am against import duties in general, but the current rules make things very hard". It´s like competing in an Olympic race wearing lead shoes, ' Musk complained on Twitter.

Tesla "raised this with the prior administration and nothing happened". All Tesla wanted was a fair outcome, "ideally where tariffs/rules are equally moderate". "Nothing more. Hope this does not seem unreasonable", another tweet said.

Musk is going to Trump after the President announced more stringent tariffs on steel and aluminum.

"First production cargo trip of the Tesla Semi heavy duty truck, carrying battery packs from the Gigafactory in the Nevada mountains to the auto factory in California", Elon Musk said this morning on Instagram, with the below photo.

Donald Trump signed a proclamation on Thursday imposing new tariffs of 25 per cent on imported steel and 10 per cent on aluminum, a move that will take effect in 15 days.

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'We want a lot of steel coming into our country, but we want it to be fair and we want our workers to be protected'. In a recent statement on NASA and America's space initiatives, the US President candidly referred to Musk and SpaceX's recent milestones. Nobody's seen that before, where they're saving the boosters, and they came back without wings, without anything. Tesla reported last year that it had sold $1 billion worth of its electric vehicles in China in 2016, then this year reported it had doubled that figure to more than $2 billion in 2017. Last November, Tesla announced they would be developing a line of electric trucks used for commercial transportation.

After referencing Musk's tweet, Trump suggested he would eventually enact a plan that would allow the U.S.to match any tariff imposed by other countries.

No word on whether Trump responded to Musk via Twitter's direct message feature. "They send their auto over here, 2.5 percent".

The first cargo delivery performed by a Tesla Semi Truck has reportedly now taken place, going by posts on Tesla CEO Elon Musk's social media pages, with battery transport between the Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, and the Fremont, California, production plant now being partly handled by the firm's own semi trucks.

Import duties and the difficulties Tesla has had avoiding them by producing in China is keeping the company from fully taking advantage of the world's biggest market for cleaner cars. The Tesla chief executive officer served on two White House advisory councils before stepping down in June after the president announced he would pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord.