Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift win top honors at IHeartRadio Music Awards


That could all change now, and the 1989 siren may be able to inject some life into her latest era in the weeks ahead of her Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour. Taylor Swift plays a standard celebrity who's exhausted of the never-ending fame and media attention.

Swift's music video for the song "Delicate" made it's world premiere during the award ceremony. Qualley starts the clip in a similarly-toned dress looking bored at a gala before she makes her escape and goes wild to the tune of "Mutant Brain" by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums ft.

A still from Taylor Swift's music video for "Delicate"/Image from YouTube. But when Swift suddenly becomes invisible, she's free to just be herself without the expectation of being Taylor Swift, Pop Star. She celebrates by dancing goofily through a hotel and into a street in the rain.

For example at the end of the video Swift is seen fearlessly dancing through a rainstorm which is a notable lyric in her 2008 single "Fearless".

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Reputation was relatively well-received by most fans and critics, but there lingers a certain narrative that Taylor's not acknowledged her public stumbles.

Swift previously teased the video on her Instagram with a handwritten note about when the clip would drop.

There's no doubt that Swift has suffered from people's comments, negative thoughts, and frustration of the fans about her past relationships.

"Sometimes I wonder when you sleep/Are you ever dreaming of me?/Sometimes when I look into your eyes/I pretend you're mine, all the damn time/'Cause I like you", she sings. You can see the new video below here. There are a few differences, of course: Margaret mostly performs to an audience of none, while Taylor dances through an unseeing crowd.