Dog mistakenly flown to Japan reunited with family in Kansas


According to his owners, Irgo will be traveling by private charter Thursday on a almost 12-hour long flight, leaving Narita International Airport in Tokyo at 10:30 p.m. local time and arriving back home in Wichita, Kansas around 8:25 p.m.

Kara Swindle flew with the airline from OR to Kansas City, Missouri with her two children as the family is in the process of moving homes, reported KCTV.

But when Swindle and her family landed in Kansas City and went to pick up Irgo from the airline kennels, she discovered that a Great Dane was sitting in the kennel labeled with Irgo's paperwork.

She said the airline was unable to confirm Irgo was on the flight to Japan until it touched down almost eight hours after she went to pick up her pet.

The United officials apparently told the woman that her dog was put in the wrong kennel. It was Irgo's first time flying; on top of that, he had come down with an ear infection before the flight, Swindle said.

United Airlines did not immediately respond to's request for comment on Friday morning.

A dog bound to Kansas was accidentally transported to Japan. I instantly burst into tears.

Irgo was supposed to be flown with his family between OR and Kansas City, as they were moving.

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The family sent him on a flight from Portland with the understanding his final destination would be Kansas City, Missouri.

According to reports, United Airlines has the highest number of animal deaths among any U.S. carriers and is under scrutiny for its treatment of animals.

Meanwhile, United paid for Swindle and her two children to stay at a Marriott Hotel near the airport Tuesday night.

Twitter has since exploded with violent criticism of United Airlines for these two incidents. On Monday, a French bulldog died on a Houston-to-New York flight after a flight attendant told its owners to put the dog, in an overhead bin.

"We just wanted to get him home", she said. She said the dog hasn't had medication in three days.

Kokito could be heard barking and yelping in the bin, but after about an hour, he went silent, according to reports.

United Airlines recently changed their pet policy, limiting what animals are allowed in the plane's cabin.