Bulls warned against playing weak team for high draft pick


National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver is looking to take a hard stance on teams tanking and underlined this by recently hitting Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban with a $600,000 fine for publicly admitting that he told his players "losing is their best option".

For their part, the Bulls have been very cautious not to make any reference to tanking or losing games with Paxson and head coach Fred Hoiberg repeatedly saying that they would like to get a look at the prospects they have in the future.

Robin Lopez, who is averaging 12.3 points and 4.7 rebounds per game, has not played since February 14 despite being healthy. The report was later confirmed by ESPN, who received comment from the Bulls.

Bulls executive vice president John Paxson says the team will no longer rest Robin Lopez or Justin Holliday after receiving a reminder from the league office about player rest and tanking. Lopez was averaging 25.5 minutes per game for the Bulls before the All-Star break, but has not taken the court for the team since.

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The dialogue between league officials and the Bulls was cooperative and productive, with the league providing advice and the Bulls open to guidance on the nuances of the new rest rules, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The NBA has made it clear that they do not like the notion of teams tanking, and they apparently warned the Chicago Bulls about the practice.

The Chicago Bulls have now the league's eighth worst record. "Nine or 10 is the most, so we're going to start looking at blocks of games where we'll be having a few guys that haven't been playing much or at all, where they'll have a significant role for us".