Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham Enjoy First Date Since Engagement


"We've talked about running away to Vegas", added Arie, who is considering an evening wedding or a sunset wedding and even remains open to tying the knot on camera.

Now, obviously, the heart wants what it wants, and there's nothing more or less legitimate about Lauren now that we know she's been engaged (twice, actually) before. You have shown me a love that is patient, a love that is kind, and I truly believe you are my soulmate.

'I asked what I wanted to ask, ' Becca said of her conversation with Arie.

The former bachelor revealed how, after finishing things with Becca in L.A., he flew immediately to Virginia to reunite with Lauren. Our bet's on Brian and his banjo.

Viewers weren't the only people surprised when Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumped the victor of this season's "The Bachelor" to pursue the runner-up. The After the Final Rose special will continue on Tuesday night.

Luyendyk's most recent ex-girlfriend, receptionist Sydney Stempfley, 26, told Entertainment Tonight that she was completely "blindsided" by news that he was going to be the next "Bachelor".

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"I do regret proposing that day, because I wasn't fully ready", Luyendyk admitted.

And in another shocking twist, Arie manages to leave this whole process smelling like a rose because how can you argue with love and heavy-handed production? "I find the irony in that tragically amusing".

Team Becca supporters can't say the same of Arie though: A representative from her home state of Minnesota just signed a bill banning Arie from the state.

She said she "feels" for Kufrin and is eager to see her as the next "Bachelorette".

"I never did anything out of malice and I always wanted the best for the relationship that I was in (with Kufrin)", Luyendyk added. And so, I mean, even just meeting the guys tonight just gives me so much hope for what's to come. In tweets Jones has since deleted, she said he claims to be the "hopeless romantic" who "forever cheats and does despicable wrongs to women", the website said.

"For me, I had one foot in that relationship the entire time, and that wasn't fair to Becca".