Accused Oscar thief plans to 'forcefully and aggressively resist' allegations


Many people are wondering what an Inclusion Rider is after Frances McDormand's impassioned speech at last night's Oscars ceremony.

One photographer didn't recognize him as an Oscar victor and followed and confronted him. There are strict limits on how an Oscar, formally known as an Award of Merit statuette, can be used, and a victor cannot sell one without first offering to sell it back to the academy for just $1.

Her publicist said she celebrated being "happily reunited" with the award with a double cheeseburger from California's In-N-Out Burger chain.

McDormand, who won the best actress gong for her role in Three Billboards, referenced the Grenfell tragedy as she spoke about the power and relevance of billboards. Security at the event was notified and detained Bryant.

A man has been arrested for allegedly stealing Frances McDormand's Best Actress Oscar. He also has a minor criminal past in OR, with arrests from 1999 to 2002 for criminal mischief and theft, the Los Angeles Times reported. He was captured on the AP video holding it proudly over his head and saying, "All right baby boys and baby girls".

He would not say how Bryant is able to get into such elite and secure places, or how he got a ticket to the exclusive Governors Ball, which police said he had.

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In "Three Billboards", McDormand played Mildred Hayes, a hardened woman seeking justice for her daughter's murder in the crime drama.

Frances attended the event with her husband Joel Coen. Bryant remains behind bars on $20,000 (Dhs73k) bail.

"Look it, baby. My team got this tonight".

He kissed the golden trophy and even urged other partygoers at the post-show Governors Ball to congratulate him. If I fall over, pick me up because I've got some things to say.

Bryant was on the custody list at a Los Angeles criminal courthouse Tuesday morning but by the time prosecutors announced the charge, a bailiff said he was no longer available to appear.