Windows 10 PCs with 5G connectivity arriving next year


Whether it be autonomous vehicles, virtual reality experiences, or smart appliances, Intel hopes to be an integral part of how the connected world stays connected while maintaining processing speeds and data transfer rates that allow new technologies to thrive.

The company is working with Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft to realize 5G-connected notebooks powered by Intel's XMM 8000 series modem, and the devices are expected to hit shelves in the second half of 2019.

While Intel's press release focused on its partnership with Windows PC makers, it stands to reason that the company will also supply Apple with its 5G modems - eventually, at least.

Intel will be giving a sneak peek at a concept 5G-connected PC during Mobile World Congress next week.

Intel's service provider customers are building the foundation for 5G and transforming their network infrastructure to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and cost advantages of software defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). It promises new opportunities for technology innovation across the computing and connectivity landscape from the cloud to the network and the client.

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In addition, Intel will also showcase a PC with 802.11ax Wi-Fi, the next gen WiFi standard and eSIM functionality in Windows 10 PCs. We expect Spreadtrum to launch its first 5G smartphone platform featuring an Intel XMM 8000 series modem in the second half of 2019.

Intel's recent presence at the 2018 Winter Olympics wasn't all about synchronized drone displays (though we all saw how cool that was).

Theoretically, a 5G-connected laptop would be able to harness extremely fast mobile speeds with a low latency.

With 5G's speeds and capacity, Intel aims to help open the door to new experiences. At the upcoming MWC Intel will be demonstrating modems with 5GNR interoperability to the public for the first time, and look to commercialize that technology within a year or two of the demonstration. Please come visit us next week at MWC, where we're excited to share more on our vision of the 5G future.