Watch Natalie Portman Impersonate Stranger Things' 11 On SNL


Natalie Portman hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time in over a decade last night, and she reprised a certain segment that caught ablaze on the internet during her first go-around. Seeing as Portman could totally pass as Brown's big sister and also nails that look of intense concentration while moving stuff with her mind, this was a flawless choice.

On SNL last night, the star of the upcoming Annihilation brought back her hardened rap persona, at one point using it to demand respect, at gun point, for the Star Wars prequels. As someone who was just coming out as openly Hayden Christensen-lusting during the Prequel days, I completely stand with Portman.

When host Beck Bennett asks her: "Do you find it hard juggling kids and a career?"

"Say something "bout the motherfucking prequels, bitch", she responded, dressed as her old character".

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What do you folks think?

Accompanied by Mikey Day's Mike, Eleven met some of her brothers and sisters from Hawkins Lab, all played by SNL cast members in cool 80s punk goth attire. Bennett asked Portman, who then got up and stuck one of the pins on his forehead.

Andy Samberg also returned to rap along, with SNL's Beck Beckett filling in the role held by Chris Parnell in the original.

Well, much to our delight, the Black Swan actress has done it again and this one is even funnier than the first one.