Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday share the same spot on the calendar


He revealed that Ash Wednesday is the day that marks the start of the Lent period in the Christian.

Ashes usually aren't a good look for Valentine's Day. It gives parishes the opportunity to outreach to possible new members as they go about their hectic day, which includes people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. A period of prayer and fasting, Christians will often abstain from certain pleasures during this time.

Well, people both young and old celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14 every year to show one's love and care for loved ones but it's going to be different this time around with Ash Wednesday falling on the same day. It is one of the most powerful days in the Church's calendar since it echoes the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness at the beginning of his ministry.

Just so you know, the 1st of April 2018, popularly known as April Fools Day, will also be Easter Sunday.

"It would be foolish for a Catholic to put the "sweetness" of Valentine's Day above Ash Wednesday", he said.

While numerous Christian denominations observe Lent, a dilemma may be most felt among Roman Catholics, who are obligated to abstain from eating meat and to fast on Ash Wednesday.

In addition to the rib-eye steaks and chateaubriand for two, when restaurant owners realized Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday would collide, "we decided, of course, we've got to add the seafood, which we always had, but it became a bigger part of our Valentine's", Walsh said.

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A full schedule of Ash Wednesday services at the Cathedral can be found on the cathedral's website. Priest marks the forehead of the churchgoers with ash in the shape of a cross as he says "Remember, you are dust, and unto dust you shall return".

Lent festival continues for 46 days, in which 40 days are for fasting baring six Sundays, which are not days of fasting.

During Lent, many people decide to give something up that they love - perhaps chocolate or biscuits.

"Maybe we'll even take a selfie with ashes on our head", Thomas said.

During the season of Lent, the Student Catholic Association will have other religious opportunities for students.

Today, Deacon plans to enjoy a fish fry at home with her fiancée, Jess Schneider, who grew up Catholic.