Spotify Tests Free Stations App for Leanback Listening


"Totally free." now, the ad-supported service is available exclusively for Android devices in Australia and not yet accessible in other territories. Now, with an on-demand streaming option, a recent acquisition by Sirius XM, and a ton of competitors, there's no telling what the app's future may hold, especially with a new Spotify app called Stations. "Spotify Stations" is flawless for anyone who wants to pull up a playlist or set a mood quickly, with very little effort. This pretty much has become staple with all streaming services, and it's least surprising the same is also included with Stations.

For those who can try Stations, it's designed around big font and individual playlists, all created to build around your preferences without any real user interaction beyond select the playlist.

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The core Spotify product is a subscription-based music, but there is a free version that lets users shuffle through playlists on mobile and is supported by advertising. For now, it's only available in Australia.

With the regular Spotify app, you can play any song or band you like with a paid-for membership. It doesn't allow users to skip through songs and you can only listen to artists or albums only by shuffling between the songs available in a list. Furthermore, the app begins playing as soon as the user opens it up, and the user is able to navigate to their preferred playlist by swiping and tapping. "As you listen, it learns what you like and creates personalised stations that you'll love", said Spotify. Users can personalize which playlists appear in the main menu and also hide those playlists they're not interested in. "With Stations, you can listen immediately, and switching stations is simple and seamless - no searching or typing needed", according to the description of the app on Google Play Music.