Southwest plane slides to edge of taxiway in Baltimore airport, FAA investigating


"There were no reported injuries".

A Southwest Airlines jet slid on a taxiway while preparing to take off from Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport on Wednesday, but no injuries were reported, officials said.

"The 143 passengers and six crewmembers safely deplaned via airstairs and were bussed to the airport terminal", a statement from Southwest Airlines issued to International Business Times read. The flight safety body said it would investigate the incident. Eastern and involved Southwest Flight 906, a Boeing 737 bound for Montego Bay, Jamaica. The plane was towed from the taxiway around 12:30 p.m. ET. "The Customers onboard the flight will be accommodated on a different aircraft and are scheduled to arrive in Montego Bay approximately three hours behind schedule". We were just at the point where the plane needed to turn 180 degrees to the runway when all of a sudden the throttle went down, we missed the turn, we heard the brakes coming on and we slid into the grass.

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Airport officials said 75 flights departed off the runway that the aircraft was headed to for departure.

Hours before the incident, the FAA had warned that winter weather could delay flights in Baltimore as well as Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia airports in addition to those in the NY and Washington areas. The skidding wasn't suspected to be a pavement issue, however, since ice-free and temperatures outside were above freezing.