Sea of Thieves end-game detailed, Pirate Legends ahoy!


Neate continued to state that his job was to oversee the game not just at launch, but further than that - as a business.

The numbers Sea of Thieves has been pulling in already would back up Rare's claim that this new IP can stand shoulder to shoulder with other Microsoft properties. Your deeds will go with you.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, the developer has also listed a "Below Min Spec" column that will let players with Intel integrated GPUs join in on the fun, as long as they aren't bothered by things like slideshows or being able to count the pixels on the screen. They won't lock players out, either.

One of the biggest challenges facing the development of Sea of Thieves is the fact that this is unchartered waters (pun intended) for Rare.

So now we know that Sea of Thieves will have a traditional progression chain to keep us hooked while we're sailing around the world, firing cannons, battling skeletons and digging up chests.

Once you become a Legend, you'll gain access to a secret pirate hideout and the endgame legendary voyages, which will be the game's most hard content at launch.

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A few months after launch, Rare is planning to drop its first major update, which will bring in a new system called Ship Captaincy. Players will not be able to customize the appearance and traits of their pirate, a choice the developer deemed necessary for the implementation of some mechanics. Do you plan on getting Sea of Thieves or will you be walking the plank?

"Our main post launch goal is giving captain options for pirate legends". The action is set ahead of the golden age of piracy. You would spawn on an island and have to figure it out yourself. That beacon will be viewable for miles in every direction, alerting players to the piles of juicy loot therein.

Once you picked your character, you'll have to select a ship.

These outpost raids will be the flawless opportunity for players looking for more PvP-oriented action, no doubt, with potentially huge hauls of loot as a reward.

The company also saw over 14,000,000 hours of Sea of Thieves-based content clocked up on Twitch platforms - making it the most popular game on the streaming platform over the weekend of the beta. Well it looks like Rare has that covered.