Salesforce invests $2 billion into its Canadian business


Local coverage of the prime minister's visit to California has focused on U.S. President Donald Trump's talk and actions on immigration, a particularly acute issue in this "blue" state on the border with Mexico and home to the largest population of Canadians outside of Canada, some 150,000 people. He said it fits with the "innovation strategy" the Trudeau government has promoted since its election in 2015.

Two years ago when Trudeau took office, Canadian expats who were veterans of Silicon Valley talked to The Canadian Press about the hard sell their home country faced.

Ahead of a Thursday meeting between Trudeau and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, the customer relations management company announced a $2-billion investment in its Canadian wing over the next five years.

He then will make his way to Los Angeles where he will speak at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, the news outlet reports.

He added: "President Trump and I agree about this: Too many people have been left behind, even as our economies surged".

Salesforce said that the company - along with its ecosystem of customers and partners in Canada - will create more than 28,000 new direct jobs and $17 billion United States dollars in new business revenue in Canada by 2022. "We have an educated, diverse workforce that does incredibly great work", Trudeau said.

He visited Chicago and San Francisco this week before traveling to California on Friday.

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Trump called the agreement a job-killing "disaster" on the campaign trail. Yesterday, during his discussion with the California governor Jerry Brown, Trudeau defended NAFTA once again. "It shows why these relationships are so important at a time when we need to have more bridges and more connections and not more divisions".

"He (Trudeau) is going to kind of be the more full-throated champion of Reagan's free trade vision than the current Republican president", he said.

Trudeau, 46, was leaving the Reagan Presidential Library where he had given a speech when a vehicle turned left in front of his motorcade on Friday, ABC News reported.

The location is a symbolic choice, referring to the longstanding trade relationship between the US and Canada.

Days ago, reminding Donald Trump about a possible effect, Trudeau at the University of Chicago, has said the fall of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will hurt the middle class of the United States, media reports said.

The sixth round of North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has ended in Montreal on Monday with a little "progress".

Google built its latest DeepMind artificial intelligence facility at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, after several of its graduates came to work on the project.